The scalp is where healthy hair starts so it’s no surprise that nourishing your scalp and hair follicles makes a big improvement in hair growth and health! I like to make my own beauty treatments so I can have exactly the ingredients I want while avoiding those I don’t (all the stuff I can’t pronounce!).

**The initial investment in these oils is higher than the price of a single container of other scalp treatments, however I enjoy having these oils around as I use them for all kinds of hair and skin treatments. This allows me to replace or significantly reduce the majority of hair and skin products I use, which saves me money in the long run! I also get to completely customize my beauty products, which gives my hair and skin exactly what they need to be healthy! It’s totally up to you if you want to DIY, there’s certainly nothing wrong with purchasing pre-made products from great companies like The Innate Life!

Check out Sarah on Holistic Habits, she is lovely:

DIY Scalp Treatment Recipe:
2 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Castor-Oil (hexane-free!!)
2 tbsp Argon Oil
1-2 tbsp Rosehip Oil
10-20+ drops Rosemary Oil
5-10 drops Tea Tree Oil
5-10 drops Lavender Oil
5-10 drops Peppermint Oil
3-5 drops Ylang Ylang Oil (optional)
3-5 drops Lemongrass Oil (optional)
10-15 drops Cinnamon LEAF oil
~5 drops Cinnamon BARK oil
1 tbsp ground Fenugreek Seeds (optional)
1 tsp Amla Powder

Ingredients can be found locally or:
Coconut Oil:
Castor Oil:
Argon Oil:
Rosehip Oil:
Rosemary Oil:
Tea Tree Oil:
Lavender Oil:
Peppermint Oil:
Ylang Ylang:
Cinnamon Leaf:
***OR*** Cinnamon Bark (more potent):
Fenugreek is at your local store -OR- order in bulk for sprouting, too! (eating it makes your armpits smell like maple lie!.):
Amla Powder:
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