Woodworking ideas – How to build a primitive wood long bow from a maple board Part 2


Looking for unique woodworking ideas? This is part 2 of how to build a primitive wood long bow from a maple board you can pick up from home depot or lowes. These board bows are easy to make with simple tools, fast, and inexpensive. All you’ll need is a block plane and a rasp.

In part 1 we selected our maple board based on grain patterns, knots, etc. Then we drew the bow’s profile out and cut the bow to shape. In part 2 we will begin the floor tillering process and back the wood bow with rawhide to help protect it as it is drawn and shot.

In Part 3 we will finish the tillering process, shoot the bow, and do all the finish sanding, staining, etc. This is a fun and easy woodworking project that anyone can do with basic woodworking tools.

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