Woodcraft Elves Extra Gift Ideas for Christmas – Whiskey Wood Barrel Staves Cutting Board Kits


Whiskey Wood Bourbon Barrel Staves Cutting Board Kits –
A Cutting Board is a classic woodworking project and an especially useful gift. To make this an easy project, we have removed some of the steps and waste by milling the stock for you in this Whiskey Wood® Kit.

We have been working for several years with a barrel reclamation company that buys, sells, reconditions and recycles used oak barrels from bourbon breweries large and small. Their goal is to recycle 100% of every barrel. We have been buying bourbon barrel staves for use in all types of projects, but we have had many customer requests for additional barrel products in more manageable sizes.

These White Oak pieces come from genuine used Bourbon Whiskey Barrels that have some charring from firing the barrel prior to aging the whiskey for four or more years. Staves have been dried and brushed to remove excess char. Staves are, of course, bent to make the barrel, but we have cut out and milled pieces to remove much of the bend. These kits will take a little more time to glue up to keep the chime lined up.

Cutting Board pieces have been milled approximately 3/4″ wide x 15/16″ tall and 17″ long. The chime – the beveled edge that holds the top or bottom of the barrel in place – has been kept intact. In our shop we made several cutting boards with interesting designs incorporating the chime. We also found other uses for these kits. We cut it down to use with our cheese slicing kit, and we found that the glued-up piece also works well for box making.