Welcome To The California Garden In November – Gardening Tips, Ideas, Hacks & More!


In today’s episode we look at the California Garden in the month of November. California gardening offers you the best gardening tips via this monthly guide which includes a garden tour,, harvests, things to do in your garden, gardening tips and a lot more!

We begin the episode with a garden tour, we then move on to our harvests – Banana flowers, beans, eggplants, ivy gourd, tangerines, moringa and guavas. We then move on to the things you can do in your garden in November, packed with gardening hacks and gardening tips. We then review a retail product – this time, a strawberry grow bag which you can buy dirt cheap! We talk about building your soil, composting, harvesting vegetables and a lot more!

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Happy gardening from California Gardening, Irvine, Zone 10