Vegetable Gardening 101 | Raised Bed Garden Ideas And Advice For Beginners


Today we’ll cover a little raised bed vegetable gardening 101 along with some garden tips, ideas, and advice for beginners. We use our raised bed garden for a good percentage of our organic vegetable gardening. In this Gardening 101 video we have included some of our best garden tips, garden ideas, and our advice for beginners gardening in raised beds or row gardens. We will cover what we are growing, planting, and planning on harvesting in the near future. And you will see that our super soil can handle planting even denser than square foot gardening and still produces huge vegetables at harvest time. All of this, in the form of addressing viewer questions to improve their odds of success so they can better enjoy their backyard vegetable garden, using our own gardens so folks can learn about it’s construction and design as well.

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