Valentine's Day Heart Pop-up Card


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Watch as Family Fun shows you this Valentine’s Day heart pop-up card! These Valentine’s cards truly go the extra mile when you tell your loved ones how much you care this year. To start this kids’ craft, you’ll need at least three patterns of craft paper, scissors, a glue stick, a pencil, and markers. Cut out a 3 1/4 inch heart, tracing the shape onto another piece of craft paper. Cut it out. Fold a 5 1/2-by-8-inch rectangle in half length-wise. Trace the most recent heart onto the crease. Cut out the shape, leaving a small portion intact on each side. Crease the pop-out heart, and attach the card to a larger piece of paper. Attach the cu-tout heart to the pop-out one. Add the remaining heart to the front of the card. After you write your message inside the Valentine cards, they’re ready to deliver!

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