Snacks Recipe Indian – Vada Pav Recipe is one of popular Evening Snacks Recipe / Jhatpat Nasta Recipe, made of deep fried massed potato badashah, placed inside a sliced bun. The videos shows how to make vada pav in easy steps.
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Its a vegetarian fast food famous all across India but native to Maharashtra state of India. The vada inside is made of boiled potato, mashed and mixed with different spices, and then coated in chickpea flour and deep fried. Its generally served with green chutneys and a green chili pepper.

For Vada –
Aloo 5 medium (potato)
Sarson 1 tbsp (mustard seeds)
Jeera 1 tbsp (cumin seeds)
Dhania 1 tbsp (coriander powder)
Haldi 1/2 tbsp (turmeric powder)
Lal mirch 1/2 tbsp (red pepper powder)
Namak / Salt to taste

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