Cute & easy nail art design compilation. Best nail art design ideas. How to do acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails are worn to increase the length of natural nails and can be filed into many different shapes from classic square to a softer almond or daring stiletto.


0:01 – super long nails. How to make the 3D eyes on the nails.

1:54 – extreme dragon nails. How to make extra-long acrylic nails.

6:30 – how to remove extreme competition nails and make them into short practical nails. Khaki green and gold nails.

10:50 – rose gold infill & redesign

11:49 – for these nails used stiletto Prepinchedtips, burnt copper fine glitter, rainbow bokeh, burnt orange holo diamonds. AB Mixed crystals, OPAL mixed Crystals, and AB starburst stone.

12:48 – noodle nails, acrylic nail design

13:45 – how to create ripped Frankenstein wounds

14:44 – how to do an aquarium nail on the full nail. Apply a thin enhancement over the entire nail. Get a clear tip and shape to the size of enhancement, make sure there is space all around to be able to seal the edges. Hold the tip in place and secure with a few drops of glue, this will help you to seal it in the correct place. Seal the edges with builder gel (or clear acrylic), but leave the top open as this is where you will add the oil and glitter. Add in your chosen glitter and spangles (NOT TO MUCH). Fill with baby oil. Seal the top of the nail with gel/acrylic. Decorate as you wish to complete the look.

16:58 – cute pinkness and kitty cat nails

17:58 – 3D layered wave nails

18:58 – Christmas nail art design
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