Toy Story MegaDrive No Hit Speedrun Level 4: Nightmare Buzz



I am REALLY sorry I held this video hostage for so long. Makes sense though in the end. Ngl I really feel like Halloween was better last year. I didn’t do all the 2018 ideas I wanted, and also it wasn’t as focused as it should be. Definitely suffered as a result. Main reason though was there was a lot of runs that would become outdated with my new PC that I had to skip out on. My mind would instantly just go to “yeah this is outdated because I can do 60fps” I spent way too long waiting for that, and I got it 2 days before Halloween. That left me with not enough time to prepare. Mainly it was all the videos I had done in the Summer though that delayed working on it in advance.
Technically this is the last one but I will link a poll above and see what people think. You can choose the direction my speedruns take after this.
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