Toy Organization Ideas – How to store and organize toys (playroom ideas)


Toy Organization Ideas – How to store and organize toys (playroom ideas). This video is on Toy’s Organisation and storage. We are also talking about how you can set up toy space or playroom space at home on a budget and with limited space. Organising toddler’s toys always looks like an impossible and daunting task. In Part-1 of this video series we learnt how we can tidy the toy mess using the Konmari method. This method can help us and our children to keep the toys neat and organised. This entire series focuses on how to organize and declutter our kids toys so they stay clean, tidy and organized.

1. Here is the introduction of this series:
2. Part-1 of this video series where we have discussed how to tackle the toy mess Konmari way:
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4. Children’s Book organization video:
5. Children’s stationery supplies organization:

Storage solution suggestions: (these are NOT affiliate links, I am just posting them for you to get an idea, and I do not get any commission from these links 🙂 )
1. Storage baskets:
2. Chalkboard labels:
3. Stationary caddy:
4. Cloth basket:
5. Jute basket:

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