Top 5 Amazing ideas from Cardboard at Home


5. How to Make a Mini Game Prize from Cardboard
How to make a game out of cardboard How to make a game Win a prize from cardboard.
4. How to Make Candy & Chocolate Machine from Cardboard
How to make a candy machine made of cardboard at home! Why bother with vending machines that require complicated coin systems? Just get right to the fun for unlimited candy!
3. How to Make Coco Pops Machine with Milk from Cardboard
Coco Pops machine with milk How to make Coco Pops machine with milk.
2. DIY How to Make Sprite Coca Cola Fountain & Nestle Kitkat Machine from Cardboard
How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home. In my case, it’s Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite but you can use any drink!
1. DIY How to Make Safe with Combination Lock from Cardboard and Stick
How to Make Hydraulic Powered Scissor Lift / Crane From Cardboard.

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