Top 3 DIY Citrus Beauty Hacks


Registered Dietitian and avid Foodie Abbey Sharp reveals some new and interesting ways to revitalize your skin with her Top 3 Citrus Beauty Hacks. Stop spending all that time and money at the spa, the beauty hacks you need are most likely sitting in a glass bowl on your kitchen counter at this very moment.

Beauty hacks were used by women all over the world long before there were spa treatments, specially formulated creams, and mixtures of chemicals sold in tiny little bottles with big price tags. These 3 tips are the culmination of Abbey’s many DIY Beauty Hack experiments which included using a beet as lipstick, washing her hair in beer, and even covering her face in guacamole.

Abbey is a big fan of anti-oxidant rich citrus. These are found in Sunkist fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. They are in fact a regular staple in her kitchen. Abbey’s first DIY Beauty Hack is her brightening lemon face exfoliant. She mixes one ounce of ground almonds, a teaspoon of honey, the zest of one Sunkist lemon, and 2 teaspoons of Sunkist lemon juice. After that, you just treat it like you would any other exfoliant, gently massage it into your face and rinse off before bed.

Her next Beauty Hack is a rejuvenating orange body scrub. Mix a half a cup of fresh squeezed Sunkist orange juice, a half a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of almond oil, and finally a tablespoon of honey. Make sure to give the mixture a good stir and then rub into your hands, legs, and torso before rinsing it off. As great as citrus is for your skin it’s not something you want to leave on for prolonged periods, citrus fruit and direct sunlight can lead to some unwanted skin irritation and it is best to avoid that situation altogether.

Her last Beauty Hack is a one ingredient softener for dry elbows and heels. This is going to sound so simple that you won’t believe that it works. Simply cut a fresh Sunkist grapefruit in half and rest your heels or elbows in the halves to remove dry, scaly skin effortlessly.

With these Beauty Hacks at your disposal you can say goodbye to overpriced spa days where your skin is treated with chemicals you can hardly pronounce that were never really intended for your face to begin with. Keep it natural with Abbey’s Top 3 Citrus Beauty Hacks.

As always, thank you for tuning in. You can find more information about DIY Beauty Hacks at Abbey’s blog, as well as a myriad of additional information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere.

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00:21 Abbey discusses Citrus Beauty Hacks and Sunkist
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01:05 Lemon face exfoliant Beauty Hack explained
01:19 Citrus properties expanded on
01:29 Rejuvenating orange body scrub Beauty Hack explained
01:48 Abbey talks more about how Citrus Beauty Hacks work
02:26 Abbey reveals her last Beauty Hack
02:45 Simply cut a Sunkist grapefruit in half and put dry elbows or heels in the halves
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