Top 10 Food Recipes From Very Old Histoy


Top 10 Food Recipes From Very Old Histoy
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This is a Top 10 Food Recipes :
10.Linzer torte
The Linzer Torte is extolled as the world’s oldest recipe for a cake, but no one seems to know when exactly it was invented
According to the Linz Tourism Board, the traditional recipe features a crumbly pastry base with almonds and lemon zest, a jam

9.El Draqu
A “cocktail” is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “an iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients.
The first recorded use of the term “cocktail” Top 10 Food Recipes

8.Ashure (Noah’s Pudding)
According to the legend, Noah gathered up the little bits of grain that were left over, cooked them all in the one pot, and hoped for the best

7.Meat cooked in water (and 34 other recipes)
The oldest written recipes in the world date from Mesopotamia around 1600 BC – about 35 different recipes were found inscribed on three clay tablets, including many meat and vegetable broths
The recipes were first translated in 1996 by French historian Jean Bottéro, whodeclared, “I would not wish such meals on any save my worst enemies.Top 10 Food Recipes

6.Porpeys in broth (and approximately 200 other recipes)
In 2009, researchers in England announced they had translated a handful of recipes from a medieval cookbook, written by the chefs of Richard II around 1390 AD
The recipes cover everything from frumenty (a porridge-like dish), to chicken stock, to two different dishes with porpoise

5.Hen in Winter (and other recipes
In 2013, even older recipes were discovered in another medieval English cookbook, this time in Durham Cathedral
The recipes were incorporated into a 2013 cookery workshop for graduate students in history, English and archaeology at Durham University, culminating in a lunchtime lecture and banquet.Top 10 Food Recipes

4.Spayed Sow’s Womb (and hundreds of other recipes)
The oldest surviving western cookbook is attributed to Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman gourmand who was said to be so passionate about extravagant food that he poisoned himself when he could no longer afford the best cuisine
One of the most commonly used ingredients in Apicius’ cooking – in both sweet and savory dishes – is a Roman sauce known as “garum

3.Kishkiyya (and more than 600 other recipes)
Drinking was prohibited in 10th century Baghdad, but that apparently didn’t prevent people there from needing the occasional hangover cure.Top 10 Food Recipes
the recipe that has gotten the most international attention is the so-called “ultimate hangover cure,” kishkiyya – a stew made from meat, yoghurt paste, chickpeas, grape juice and spices

2.Nettle Soup and Roast Hedgehog
In 2007, a team of researchers in Wales began the task of reverse engineering British cooking to discover the country’s oldest recipes
Dr. Fairchild says the nettle soup would have been made by beating the nettles with a stick before harvesting, then mixing the plant matter with barley and water to form a ball. The dough would be

In 1800 BC, a Sumerian poet penned an effusive hymn to Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer

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