TOP 10 Amazing ideas from Cardboard at Home


10. How to Make Pepsi Vending Machine from Cardboard
In this video you are going to see how to make a Pepsi box using cardboard and the easiest way to make it at home by yourself, and it has shown step by step, hope you enjoy and like the video.
9. How to Make a Hockey Game From Cardboard and Magnets
In this video you learn how to make a hockey with ball and using magnets the easiest way to make it at home by using cardboard, glue, magnets, bubblegum and matches empty box.
8. How to Make Candy & Chocolate Machine from Cardboard
How to make a candy machine made of cardboard at home! Why bother with vending machines that require complicated coin systems? Just get right to the fun for unlimited candy!
7. How to Make Apple MacBook Pro from Cardboard
MAKE APPLE MacBook Pro 13inch AT HOME ! ! !!
Watch making of MacBook Pro 13 inch from cardboard.
Cardboard MacBook vs Real MacBook
Real Apple MacBook
Cardboard Apple MacBook
6. DIY How to make a Pencil Sharpener Dispenser Machine from Cardboard
DIY at HOME – How to make a DIY Pencil Sharpener Dispenser Vending Machine from Cardboard for SCHOOL which is simple and Easy to make Science Project for kids to enjoy and have fun making by yourself
5. How to Make BATMAN Game from Cardboard
Play with BATMAN at home by using cardboard, water and gun with balls.
Hope you like and have fun.
4. DIY How to Make Sprite Coca Cola Fountain & Nestle Kitkat Machine from Cardboard
How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home. In my case, it’s Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite but you can use any drink!
3. DIY How to Make a Money Printer Machine from Cardboard
DIY: Learn how to make a money printer machine. You can show magic trick for your friends.
2. How to Make a Spin Art Machine from Cardboard
This is a amazing DIY project ,How to Make a Spin Art Machine.
The mini spin art toy are for KIDS .
1. DIY How to Make a Ice Cream Machine from Cardboard
Hi Friends 🙂 in this video DIY you will know How to Make a Ice Cream Machine in your home, very easy and simple life hack or invent that will surprise your friends, enjoy this crazy idea and see you in next tutorial!

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