Tom Yum Kung – ต้มยำกุ้ง – Thai Food Recipes – Ep1


Tom Yum Koong or Tom Yam Kung is a Thai famous food that well know around the world. The words “Tom” mean boiled and “Yum” mean sweet spicy and sour. The main ingredient can buy from online store. Click the link below to see and buy it!

1. Chua Hah Seng – Chilli Paste ::
2. Carnation Milk ::
3. Thai Fish Sauce ::
4. Home Style Chicken Stock ::

If you use different ingredient the taste will be different too. This is my secrete ingredient and most of Thai people use this ingredient for cook this recipe.

Enjoy your Tom yum Kung

Next morning in Bangkok don’t forget the Tom Yam Kung.

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