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Matt Nuccio is a very successful toy inventor who has attended New York City’s Toy Fair for more than 30 consecutive years! His company Design Edge is the back-end to a lot of toy companies; for example it does their design, development, engineering, and even sourcing. Through those contacts, he has been able to license dozens and dozens of toy ideas. He began attending Toy Fair as a 14-year-old because his parents were in the industry. Talk about an industry insider! Licensing expert and toy inventor himself Stephen Key interviews Matt about the toy business and inventors.

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About Design Edge: Design Edge is your one-stop shop for bringing toys and games to market. For over 30 years, Design Edge has been a leading toy, game, and collectable development, marketing, manufacturing and consulting agency. Design Edge is the backend support to dozens of toy companies both big and small. Design Edge is well-equipped to help get any company to the next level. As your design house, consultants and manufacturers, we can design quality products and packaging, advise retail price points, provide quality goods at targeted retail price points, create marketing and development strategies, manage safety testing, quality control and shipping logistics, and advise on the pursuit of opportunities in licensing, sales, and distributions. Our end goal is to grow your brand and create additional revenue streams through quality product, sales and distribution.

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