This Shop Customizes Toy Cars So Your Kids Can Ride In Style


KidStance customizes electric car toys for kids. Otherwise known as “ride-ons.” They’ll customize anything from exotic cars to trucks. KidStance can do anything to a ride-on that can be done to a normal car like lights, radios, custom paint. Their most popular requests are for suspension work and custom wheels.

It was started by car enthusiast Denver Pettigrew Jr. Denver can do anything to a ride-on that can be done to a normal car. All the modifications are done by hand. First, he purchases the base car and necessary materials. Sometimes parts are sourced from other toys. Denver then alters the frame to modify the car’s height. The frame can be altered in a number of different ways. Sometimes the frame has to be cut out and rebuilt entirely. The paint job and upholstery are outsourced. He recuts the wheels into a new design. Then the wheels are added to the ride-on. Once complete, Denver will add the finishing touches.

His son often gets to test drive the cars for quality control. The custom ride-on cars allow parents to share their passion for cars with their kids. KidStance has big plans for the future. Customizations can range from $500-$,5000.


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