The Epidemic Dividing the DIY Beauty Community


There is an epidemic of theft within the DIY Beauty Community that I was only vaguely aware of until a few days ago. I understand now how widespread and damaging it has been, and this video is to relieve those holding onto the anger they have because of what they believe I did. I am not angry and do not hold a grudge against any of my accusers, and the scripture on the thumbnail of this video is a reminder for myself to not hold onto anger or hurt or let it consume me. I love my industry and my community, and I pray that this video will take the suffering off the hearts of those who responded to my video. I am being genuine, and I hope that is evident to all those who watch the entire video.

I apologize for my own anger in the intro. I was also hurt and upset when I began this video, but I am so thankful for understanding now just how damaging this problem has been for our community. And I am thankful to Susan Barclay-Nichols for explaining to me how rampant this thievery has been.

This video contains the requested evidence showing how I came about formulating and naming my formulation and showing the effort, expense, and dedication I have put in to learn to formulate my own cosmetics. This video is a little long in order to cover all the points that were requested and that I felt were necessary to tell my story. Below are timestamps if you would like to go to one particular topic, but I do hope that if you are one of the people who are needlessly angry at me you will watch this video in its entirety.

1:01 Why am I even responding?
7:37 My defense begins…
8:30 My story and experience and how I ended up with a YouTube channel
20:59 The HD Setting Powder Formulation Explanation
26:57 The video about breaking down a Matte Liquid Lipstick Formula explanation
28:28 The Instagram Post about money, time and effort spent on formulating
35:06 The evidence requested in the above post – I give a tour of some of my materials and show how and why I understand all the materials I mention in my videos and how I understand the investment it takes to create a formulation.
45:09 Evidence of a few of my formulations ( the giant stack I still have to get put into my computer)
46:02 Evidence of some my numerous experiments and some samples of formulations I am testing for performance and stability at home and in my salon

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8 : 32