Sneak Stress Toys in Class! DIY Slime, Squishy School Supplies & Pranks!


How to sneak stress toys in class! Learn how to make stress reliever DIY school supplies and pull funny pranks on your teacher and classmates. We’re making DIY slime and Squishy school supplies plus other amazing toy school supplies including fidget spinner pen, liquid notebook, mermaid notebook and more. Instead of sneak candy in class, learn easy DIY toys for kids and let’s sneak toys in class. DIY slime, DIY squishy school supplies are perfect crafts for kids, teenagers and family. Sneak these stress relievers in class and create funny school pranks! No back to school haul needed when you can DIY weird school supplies with slime and squishies at home. Easy DIY for beginners in Crafts!

DIYs: Googly eye notebook, Slime notebook, Pom pom notebook, Squishy pencil, Unicorn notebook, Monster notebook, Feather pencils, Liquid notebook, Liquid pens, DIY stamps, Fidget spinner pen, Sequin mermaid notebook, Stress ball

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