Small Balcony Garden Ideas Pictures

Design idea pictures a narrow balcony garden can be applied on the balcony where you live so that the grounds look more airy and relief. Some of which are described on the following exposure.

Plant vines is one of the breakthrough that could overcome the problem of a narrow balcony garden. In addition to saving place due to either a vertical garden, plants vines can also be used as a canopy (00:22). The beautiful flowers may be placed at the bottom of the fence to add to the beauty of the garden balcony (02:26), also in the upper part (03:58).

Double Decker pot can be one of the alternatives to save a spot on the balcony (00:52). In addition to saving the place, you can create a vertical garden balconies with hanging pots which are placed on the wall (01:01 & 02:56), use the shelves for placement of pots (01:44 & 03:29) or pots hanging free (03:39). The plant can also be placed vertically on a wall using a wooden frame (01:31) or a wooden pallet box resting on the wall (04:04). Hanging fabric pouches can also be used as a place of plants (01:58).

Instead of using a large sofa, you can add the carpet and the pad sits as a complement of the rattan chairs for seating areas in the garden balcony (00:06). The balcony can also be transformed as the outside eating area with the use of wooden tables and chairs that can be folded (00:43).

For those of you who want to use the accessory in the form of a fountain, you can use the mini fountain in the form of bamboo and rocks with shallow ponds that are essentially using coral stone (00:38). In addition, you can also create a pond in it can put potted plants to better conserve places (00:48).