Secret proposal story card DIY 2017: valentine's day special


Learn to make this unique secret proposal story card with very simple and cheap materials at home. It’s a Valentine’s Day Special DIY by Redefine craft
Materials: A cardboard roll, some colourful sheets, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue and colours.
Method: Start by making spiral marks on the cardboard from top to bottom, leaving a little space at the top and bottom.
Cut this portion into a long slit not too broad enough.
For making puppets draw a boy and a girl on a sheet, colour them and cut them out.
Leave some extra portion at the bottom and on one side to hold your puppets.
Attach a wire to the back of your puppet so that it can easily slideon the cardboard roll.
Draw a story on the cardboard from the bottom to the top and colour it.
Add dialogues in the think buble and stick them on the roll or you can even narrate it while you are presenting it.
So now ask your valentine to hold the card and start the story and keep your fingers crossed.
You can even add some other stories and gift it to your friends or your best buddies.

Please do try this DIY out and I am sure you will love it. My best of luck to all those who are going to try this and do Leave a comment below that you liked it or not? Have fun DIYing and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!