Pt 4 DIY Beauty Products | My Process | Write and Modify a Cosmetic Formula


If you enjoy the amazing world of DIY Beauty, learn to write your cosmetic formula like the pros do! Cosmetic formulations are written in percentages, and writing them properly will allow you to look at any formula and translate it into just the right amount of product. This 4 part video series will teach you how to write your formulation properly in percentages, convert your percentages into weighted measurements like grams, how to track and record changes you make as you experiment, and how to modify your formulations with your new percentages that reflect the changes you’ve made. I also teach you how to turn a volume-based recipe (written in cups, tablespoons, etc) into a cosmetic formula written in percentages!

DIY Beauty Products is a fun and creative hobby. Don’t let formulating intimidate you!

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