Prepare for Halloween! 11 Fun Halloween Decoration and More DIY Halloween Ideas


Get your Halloween party decorations ready, because your spooky Halloween guests are already behind your door! Learn to make party drinks with sweet skeleton heads in it, or, add lychee eyeballs and palms in them for a bloody version! Discover how to make anyone dance by adding a pumpkin disco ball or arrange a wedding for this lovely skeleton couple by inserting them into a pumpkin decoration.

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00:04 Pumpkin Beauty Time
00:31 Magical Ice Cubes
01:13 Skeleton Wedding Decoration
02:06 Drink with Eyeballs and Palms
03:09 Barbie Head String Lights
03:37 Chocolate Eye Bowl
04:28 Bubbly Tapioca Drink
05:38 Drink of Skulls
06:26 Pumpkin Disco Ball
06:53 Exploding Drink
07:13 Ghost String Lights
07:49 Marshmallow Face
08:19 Halloween Lollipop Wrapping
08:55 Poison Bottle
09:42 Spooky Fruit Decor

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