Penguin Ice Fishing Valentine's Day / Anniversary Card | Paper Quilling | Beginner


🐧 💖 🐧 This is a tutorial for making a Penguin Ice Fishing Card using the art form of Paper Quilling! It’ll be perfect to give you a significant other on Valentine’s day or anniversary day. They’ll love that it’s handmade by you! And they’ll love the adorable penguins!
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This card is the first of my Penguin Quilling Card series this year!
1) Valentines Day/Anniversary Card:
2) Mother’s Day Card:
3) Father’s Day Card:

Quilling materials:
* Starter kit with 8 quilling tools and width 1/8 inch (3mm, standard) quilling paper:
* Width 1/8 inch (3mm, standard) quilling paper
– Small set:
– Large set:
* Width 3/8 inch (10mm, wide) quilling paper
– Small set:
– Large set:

Required materials———————————
* Pins
* Scissors
* Glue
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Eraser
* Sky blue cardstock
* Colored paper or cardstock
– Medium blue
– Light blue
– White
* Wide (3/8 in) quilling paper
– Dark pink
– Black
* Standard (1/8 in) quilling paper
– White
– Pink
– Yellow
– Orange
– Blue
– Black
* Narrow (2 mm) quilling paper
– White
– Pale pink
– Yellow
– Leaf green
– Brown
– Black

Optional materials———————————-
* Circle template
* Quilling tool (for easier coiling)
* Tweezers

My filming equipment———————————-
* Cell phone holder for desk:

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