Pallet Wood Ideas with Blocks – Toys Bottle Opener Drink Coasters


Ideas for Pallet wood blocks, toys, coaster, candle holder and a wagon type bottle opener. Ideal for practicing router skills and making some cool looking items. Usually a waste item these blocks can be made of very good timber and are great for woodworking projects.
I drew the lines and basic shapes onto the blocks and made a jig that would help the routers stability. I didnt really need it in the end as the main blue has been fitted with a clear base made by Clearview. (

Using a 30 degree cnc router bit i then traced around the design, emphasising the wheels, and doors, windows etc. Then using the 3mm upward spiral bit i took out the excess in the windows leaving a defined recess. These are then painted or burnt as you want to finish them off. Major parts such as underneath the body to embolden the wheels was cut out using a 6mm fluted cutter.

The coasters are done with a series of stepped forstener bits, the largest being a Dewalt 72mm and ideal for holding glasses and bottles.

A good finish for outdoor use is yacht varnish mixed with white spirit 50/50 for a first coat, this will allow for deeper penetration and making it more friendly to being outside. Subsequent coats can be pure yacht varnish.

I took them to the bike fest and quite a few happy children walked off with them as did a few adults.