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New gardening technique | propagate chili peppers in bananas


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Chili is a vital spice for household meals. Chili accommodates many nutritional vitamins to assist promote urge for food and digestion, Beautify pores and skin, Promote blood circulation, Anti-cancer means, Defend the guts….
The tactic of propagating chili seeds in bananas could be very straightforward that it’s best to strive. After 10 days, the chili seeds will germinate and develop seedlings. Now you deliver it to potted. After 4 months the chili will bear fruit and you may harvest it.
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  2. Hi my friend. Thanks for the great video you Shared with us. very interesting .movie really nice. thanks for sharing. please keep, in touch. ,, .💖..,.💞.,💕,,💞..,💓

  3. I love it, excellent! May i know what fertililzer and pesticide to protect the leaves healthy? I have four peices of pepper but it was not gpod. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Hola, gracias por compartir tus experiencias, considero importante que describas que le adicionas a la tierra una vez logrados los plantones, gracias

  5. Not only did you waste a banana unnecessarily, but your germination rate is horrible. Yet another garden channel releasing click bait garbage. There is no point to what you did. And to top it off, you play horrible music with zero commentary explaining what you are doing and why. If only it was possible to purge this monstrosity from this planet.

  6. Я бы разрезав пластиковую бутылку вдоль горизонтально пополам,с дренажом,без проблем там поместила бы хоть что
    И …вместо банана можно использовать хоть хлеб,муку,отходы от овощей,фруктов или просто удобрить,хотя бы навозом
    А если питать нечем,то и мясом,яйцом)))шутка

  7. C'est n'est pas la peine de gaspiller 1banan vous pouvez planter directement ils poussent facilement je vais tout les ans les tomates aussi cette année je vais essayer les melons

  8. For years, I've used bananas to plant aloe in (they benefit from the potassium), and the bananas definitely don't disappear after ten days. Why mislead new gardeners who are trying to grow food? Seeds only need warmth and moisture to germinate.

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