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Modern Living Room Design for 2018 – 2019: Trendy home ideas, tips, decoration and furniture


If you want to design a modern living room, you must pay attention to a few features of this interior design style. We have compiled some pictures for you for visually appealing and functional living rooms. These home designs are based on interesting wall designs, subdued colors, contemporary decoration items and ornate furniture designs. We hope we can inspire you this way, so you can find great ideas for designing your living room.

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Design Living Rooms – Modern Textures and Shapes

The modern furnishing style is characterized by clear lines and smooth surfaces without complicated details. Some would associate contemporary design with cold interiors in black or white, but with the right materials and colors they will radiate the desired warmth. Monochromatic color palettes, exposed concrete walls or wood paneling, colorful accents and unique wall designs can enhance the look of your modern living room.

Modern Living Room Trends – Open areas and bright colors

Interesting surfaces and clear lines define the modern design. For modern living room furniture, opt for upholstered sofas, leather recliners or chairs made of plastic or plywood. Elegant lamps made of steel create the lighting, while pop art paintings and posters illuminate the walls. Strong colors and color combinations characterize this style, so you can use some accents with colorful pillows, curtains or rugs with simple shapes and patterns. Geometric patterns are also perfect for modern living spaces.

Living room with brown accents