Making A Free Pallet Wood Picket Fence


I am building a picket fence out of pallet wood which I got for free. This is quite simple really and the cost is zero.

To make a picket fence out of pallet wood all you need is a circular saw. I choose which side of the pallet is the best to keep. The split or cracked boards go down, towards the ground.

I make a cut all the way across the top side along one of the frame boards. Then turn the pallet over.

Next I cut along the middle frame piece on the bottom side of the pallet.

This separates the pallet into two pieces. The larger piece is now ready to be cut into the picket fence look. I simply use my circular saw and make angled cuts on top of each board.

Stand up the pallet with the spikes upwards and it looks like a picket fence.

I am using 3 foot long metal stakes pounded into the ground to support my homemade pallet wood picket fence. Baling wire holds the pallets to the stakes.

This is very simple and easy to make.

My only problem is that I got about 100 free pallets last year but most are broken up or non standard sizes. This makes sorting through the pallets the most time consuming part of the job.

If you have a load of standard sized pallets – or all the same size anyway – then your job would go much faster.

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