Love Yourself! 11 Surprising DIY Beauty Hacks


It’s about time to have some beauty TLC all for yourself! We’ve brought you some surprising beauty hacks to assist you with that! Learn to make a variety of different nail polish color shades and if you don’t like it, we’ve got an easy way to easily remove it! Discover a way to make hair serum or if you want some tidiness, learn to fix them up using deodorant! Beauty hacks, nail polish tips, hair-fix tricks – here we go!

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00:04 Lipstick Color Map
01:04 DIY Nail Polish Shades
02:11 DIY Hair Serum to Curl Up Your Hair
03:09 Nail Polish Trick
04:07 Fix Your Hair Up with Deodorant
04:49 Lip Shading
05:39 Spiral Hair Band Revival
06:17 DIY Towel Hood
08:04 Remove your Eye Bags with Coffee
09:08 Funky Eyeliner Colours
10:24 Emergency Hair Bangs

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