Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas under 5$! For BFF, Boyfriend, Parents| Christmas/Birthdays


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Hey guys!! I’ve been super requested to make some cheap and easy gift ideas! So that what I’m making today! All of these are super simple and under 5 dollars each so I hope you enjoy!

For the first idea you will need a clear phone case, just make sure it fits the phone your friend has. Go to their instagram page to take their favorite pictures, you can also use any pictures you have together, things like that, and arrange them in an office document, so they more or less fit the size of the phone case. Print it out.
Then trace the outline of the case, including the camera holes and stuff and cut it out.

Make sure that it fit in the case and that it!

For the second idea you will need some furry fabric, a cheap headband and a little bit of stuffing or cotton.
Start off drawing 4 circles on the wrong side of the fabric. You can use a cup or a glass for this.
Cut them out making sure you leave one cm of seam allowance. Now, place them right sides together and sew or glue following the line, and leaving a little gap at the end.
Then, use that gap to turn the piece inside out, and use the gap to stuff it too. Finally place the headband and make sure that it fits, you can try it on if you want and glue it in place with some hot glue or some strong glue if you prefer. Once you feel that the headband is secure they are finished!!

For the third idea you will need the frame of a picture frame, some cord and some little pins. You will also need to print some mini pictures like so and make sure you leave a gap between them so when you cut them out you can get some mini Polaroid pictures like these.
Tie a knot with the cord on one of the sides of the frame and wrap it around it until you cover the whole thing. And once you finish tie another knot to secure it. Finally just hang the mini pictures with the pins and you will get a super fun way to give a picture in a frame type of present!

The next idea I found it on pinterest and you will need: a jar, a candle, some sprinkles, a wax crayon and some essence. Start off taking out the wick of the candle, you can also buy some wicks but I couldn’t find them where I live, then glue it to the bottom of the jar. To stick the sprinkles I covered the inside of the jar with some olive oil but you can use syrup too. Add the sprinkles and swirl them around so they stick to the glass. Cut and melt the candle part or some wax, you do it in the microwave or on a double boiler. And once it is melted add a little piece of crayon if you want it to have color, I chose yellow and some essence oil, I chose lemon.
Pourg the melted wax into the jar. Let it cool down completely and cut the excess wick. Use some cellophane to wrap the candle like so, and make a bow with a piece of ribbon to complete the present!

The last one is super simple; you will need some chocolate of your choice, some candy and some lollipop sticks or skewer sticks.
Place your chocolate in a heatproof container or glass and melt it on the stove or in the microwave. Place your sticks onto some non sticking paper or aluminum foil like me and carefully pour the melted chocolate to form the lollipops. Then, place the candy you choose and put them for 5 minutes in the fridge to dry.
Then wrap them in some cellophane and tie a bow with a ribbon like we did before to make them look super cute and ready to give away. These are the perfect gift for children or anyone that loves chocolate!


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