Joker Movie Joaquin Phoenix Nail Art | Integrating my Dark Side


Please mute if you are here to see the art. Video starts at 3:15 This is me sharing my story of integrating my dark side, how I stay positive through 1000’s of hours of being still and quiet while I listen and how I release the tension of working in such a structured environment. Without these releases and break-downs I would not understand the grand achievements or the comedy within a tragedy. Learning balance of light and dark is an art form.
I used 99 cent polish. 50 cent craft paint and the brushes I created to help us all by using the same tools. I am self-taught, my practice made me a master and you can do this. It won’t look like mine, it will be yours, but you can do this.
Enjoy. Find joy. Spread Joy. Be joyful. You deserve to be joyful. You deserve to be loved and respected but in that, YOU are to respect others no matter how opposite they may seem, they are our teachers and our reflections. We are all connected. Thank you to everyone who keeps me sane and allows me to be who I am. Integrating my dark side is essential to grow and albeit hard, I am moving forward. #jokernailart #jokermovie #joker2019
1. is it true
2. can i ABSOLUTELY believe that it is true?
3. what does this thought do to me, mentally, physically, emotionally?
4. who would I be without this thought?

Let go. Be free. learn to love you and others. Let them vent. Make them beautiful. Find things that do this for you and revel in them. Good luck. I have faith in you, in us 😀

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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