This is how to cook Japanese Rolled Omelet “Tamagoyaki” at home.
It is not a special recipe at all but very simple home cooking for everyone.
I recommend to use a squared pan. It makes easy to cook.
Let’s enjoy Japanese home cooking at your home.

– 2 Eggs
– 2tbsp Sugar
– 1/3tbsp Liquid Dashi
– 1tbsp Cooking Liquor
– 1tbsp Oil

★How to cook Japanese Rolled Omelet
1. Beat 2 eggs with Sugar, Liquid Dashi and Cooking Liquor
2. Heat the pan with medium heat and pour the oil
3. Pour 1/3 the egg mixture a thin layer to the pan
4. Roll up the egg
5. Reduce the heat low and pour 1/2 the egg mixture to the pan
6. Pour the rest of egg mixture to the pan and roll up the egg
7. Turn the heat off and leave it for 3-4min

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◆Liquid Dashi

◆Square Pan

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