INSTAGRAM VS REALITY || 37 Photo Life Hacks And Camera Tricks, Funny Life Situations



This time we share the compilation dedicated to the difference between real life and Instagram photos. One more collection of lifehacks will help you to make awesome photos using an ordinary smartphone and you don’t need to buy an expensive camera or buy expensive photoshop lessons.
Usually, people post only beautiful and happy photos on Instagram. In real life, girls nake hundreds of shots to make one beautiful photo. And the photo depends on the right pose you are making a photo, makeup, photoshop, and filters. All the girls look skinny on photos, but in reality, they don’t. Do you usually see photos from parties where people look very happy and seem that they have a very fun time together? In real life, everybody is staring at the phone and take selfies. A lot of people pretend to have a very interesting life full of parties and different activities. In reality, most of them spend time at home watching a TV show.
We know how to make cool pictures! Check out an awesome idea for a photo session. You will need an umbrella and rose petals. Girls. You should totally try this photo idea to achieve a perfect shot! The next idea sounds crazy but you can make your booty look bigger on photos using a pan! You can improve your boring photos by adding reflections and this trick will take beginner’s shots to the whole new level. The secret is very simple, you need a second phone. Hold a second phone on a horizontal plane to the bottom edge of the phone you use to make a photo.

00:58 Instagram vs. Real life
04:37 Brilliant photo tricks
05:39 Perfect sunset photo
05:47 Photographing puddle reflections

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