How To Make Powerful Car Toy at home – Amazing Kids toy ever


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How To Make Powerful Car Toy at home – Amazing Kids toy ever
How To Make Powerful Robotic Car Toy at home – RC Humble Toy.
How to make a Car – Powered Car – Very Simple tutorial.

In this video, i will show you, HOw to make amazing RC robotic car toys with Gear motor at home.

Think you need –
DC Gear motor 2 P.
9 Volt battery .
battery clip.
recycle kids car toys wheel .
plastic board or cardboard.

Tools –
Hot glue and glue gun .

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awesome homemade kids car toys ideas for kids ….. very easy and simple creative ideas …… ( unique diy ideas for kids )

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Watch the full tutorial …i hope it will help you to make something new toys for kids ….

do it yourself …..

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