How To Make a Wooden Toy Volkswagen Bus | Wooden Miniature | Lego Surfing – Wooden Creations


Hello everyone!
In this video I’ll show you how you can make a wooden (toy) Volkswagen Bus. I also made a little stopmotion video where the Lego People will go surfing on a vacation.
If you have any toy ideas for me to make, you can write it in the comment section below, and if I like it maybe I will be making it in one of my next videos. And ofcourse, please subscribe! Still lots of videos coming! I absolutely enjoy making wooden toy miniature vehicles!

If you make one of my wooden toys, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] with a photo of your creation :).
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Wooden Creations is a series of toys which are made for myself or for family and friends.

Wooden toys for charity is a series of toys which are made for good causes. I’m donating them around Christmastime.
E-mail: [email protected]
A big thanks to Makita and Powerplus for sponsoring my project for charity with the bandsaw, the holesaws and the drillpress!
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