How To Make A Pendulum Wave (Science Experiment / Physics Toy)


For this project I show how to make make a pendulum wave, an interesting science/physics experiment where a series of pendulums is measured so that each one moves slightly faster than the one before it. If measured correctly the pendulums converge to form a variety of patterns on a repeating cycle.

Here are the measurements I used, starting with the longest pendulum and moving toward the shortest: 230mm, 211mm, 196mm, 183mm, 170mm, 159mm, 149mm, 140mm, 131mm, 124mm, 117mm, 110mm, 105mm, 99mm, 94mm, 89mm

Using the equation in the video you can make a pendulum wave of any size by replacing the variable ‘L’ with the desired length of your longest pendulum when calculating the variable ‘K’. Once K has been determined for that starting length Just replace the variable ‘n’ with the number 2 through however many more pendulums you would like in the series and calculate L for each of them.

I found the equation for calculating pendulum lengths on this page:

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