How to make a CD Turtle WASTE CD Craft Ideas – " Recycled Art and Craft Ideas" (English)


Recycled Craft ideas for kids: Turn old waste CD’s into amazing and cute looking animals. With this CD craft idea make the best out of waste step by step. Watch more videos and teach your kids how to Cook, Make Crafts, Dance, Magic Tricks, Yoga and more.

Click here :- 00:30 to straight away go to the materials required in the video.
Before you start note down the materials you need to keep ready to make this CD craft;

How To Make a CD Turtle – Old CD Craft
Old CD or DVD’s, Colour papers, Googly Eyes, Pista shells, Pencil & Glue, Coloured sequins, Poster Colours, Thread, Twine, Ribbons, Black Marker & Paint Brushes.
In this episode we teach you how to make use of old CD’s and transform them into cute looking CD animals.

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