Skincare should be personal! We’re sharing 3 ways to amp up the products you already have at home with the Ulta Beauty Collection D.I.Y. Purifying Customizable 3 Piece Kit. The first piece in the kit is the Exfoliating Grains made with Quartz and Eucalyptus Leaf Extract. You can add them to any cleanser or mask to scrub away dullness and excess oil, resulting in smoother skin. Customize your level of exfoliation by changing up how much you add. Next is the Powder-to-Clay Mask made of Kaolin and Matcha Powder. Kaolin is a natural clay that works to smooth the skin’s texture. Start by mixing in water and applying to the face. Once it’s dry, rinse off to reveal softer skin. Finally, The Botanical Booster Drops made of Hyaluronic Acid and Lemon Extract can be used on their own as a serum, mixed with water to make a toner, or added to any moisturizer to increase hydration. Add a few drops to your favorite cream in the palm of your hand for a secret boost.

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Ulta Beauty Collection D.I.Y. Purifying Customizable 3 Piece Kit

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