How To Decorate Project file | project on plastics | School project decorating ideas most attractive


In this video made by “?Adarsh?”.I will show you how to decorate a school project file which is very attractive , beautiful and creative.You will be able to find out many decorating ideas from this file.I have made this project on “Plastic a new and powerful enemy of environment.Hope you will enjoy it and enhance your creative skills.We glad to be of any help to you.
?Thank you?
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I am providing you some links from my Youtube Channel “Adarsh”. Click on the link to reach to that video
(1) poster making on earth day time lapse fast motion

(2) poster making on plastic a new and powerful enemy of environment

(3) shading by oil pastel colours

(4) how to do colouring using oil pastel colours

(5) decoration of project on Disaster Management

(6) Disaster Management chart

(7) poster making idea

(8) colouring by poster colours

(9) border for project file