How this family built life hack culture


They inspired “Cheaper by the Dozen.” But their story is far more interesting than a movie.

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This famous family was fascinating, unique, and contributed to the way we live today.

In this pilot episode of History Club, Vox’s Phil Edwards and Coleman Lowndes discuss the incredible Gilbreth story, with all its twists and turns.

The Gilbreth family became famous in the film “Cheaper By The Dozen” but they were far more interesting than the most recent incarnation. Though the 1950 movie came closer to the truth, the real Gilbreths were pioneers in home life and the business world.

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were equal partners in their unique business of time efficiency. Frank Gilbreth brought a construction background, while Lillian was the psychological half. Together, their time and motion studies mixed analysis and psychology in a seamless fashion.

Later on, Lillian led their business alone — and her pivot to home life has a clear connection to the life hack culture we live in today.

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