Home DIY Home Cooked Dog Food?❤⭐ Recipe Chicken & Oatmeal

Home Cooked Dog Food?❤⭐ Recipe Chicken & Oatmeal


Made with chicken and oats this recipe is simple and quick to make containing only three ingredients. ​This Home Cooked Dog Food recipe is a great meal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, gluten intolerance or looking for weight loss.
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​7 ounces chicken (raw weight), cooked
1 cup oats, cooked
3 teaspoons Azestfor

This recipe will yield approximately 1 lb of food. Equating to 533 calories (Kcals) Approximately enough servings of food for one day for an 18 lb dog to maintain weight.

​Oatmeal should be plain with no flavorings or additives. It should be prepared with no added sweetness (sugar) or sodium (salt).
1 part rolled oats 3 parts water,
Combine oats and water in a pot over medium-low heat.
Bring to a simmer, stirring frequently.

Or alternatively out in a large microwavable bowl and cook on high for 7 minutes.
Simmer and stir until the oats are tender. If all the liquid has reduced before your oats are tender, stir in a bit more water and continue to cook.

When the meat and oats are cool to touch you can add the Azestfor nutritional supplements. You can add a couple of ice cubes to the oatmeal and stir until melted to help bring the oatmeal to room temperature faster.
Heat destroys the potency of vitamins.


We suggest dividing the daily amount into two servings, one in the morning and one in the evening. Every dog’s nutritional requirements are a little bit different due to age & amount of exercise. If your dog is losing weight, increase food by 1/4 cup a day, if they are gaining weight reduce accordingly.
Weight of Dog
5 lbs to maintain weight 3/4 cup (6 oz) per day
10 lbs to maintain weight 1 1/3 cups (10.3 oz) per day
15 lbs to maintain weight 1 3/4 cups (14 oz) per day
20 lbs to maintain weight 2 cups (17.3 oz) per day
30 lbs to maintain weight 3 cups (23.5 oz) per day
40 lbs to maintain weight 3 1/2 cups (29 oz) per day
50 lbs to maintain weight 4 1/3 cups (34 oz) per day
60 lbs to maintain weight 5 cups (40 oz) per day
70 lbs to maintain weight 6 cups (44 oz) per day
80 lbs to maintain weight 6 1/4 cups (49 oz) per day
90 lbs to maintain weight 6 1/2 cups (53 oz) per day



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