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Holiday Gift Guide | Creative Presents, Christmas Ideas, & DIY Fun | Sanne Vloet


Holiday Gift Guide | Gift Ideas For Family, Gifts For The Boyfriend, Gift Ideas For Everyone, Creative Do It Yourself Gift Ideas, Ways To Spread Holiday Love & Cheer, & Don’t Forget To Share A Hug With Everyone | Sanne Vloet

Hey guys,

What is your favorite Holiday memory? I celebrate Christmas with my family, what do you celebrate? I’m in Amsterdam right now and I’m so happy to be home. The weather is a little grey, but I still enjoy every minute of being in this magical place that will always have a special piece of my heart!

I have been feeling the Christmas vibes for a week or so and so many of you mentioned doing a holiday gift guide. I wanted to show you guys a couple of ideas for presents for everyone you love. I sometimes have a hard time finding cute presents for loved ones. Here in Holland we also make creative surprises, like the Spanish Pinata, to hide the presents in that we give each other. While we are talking about creativity, I also wanted to share a couple of creative Do It Yourself (DIY) presents you can make! I find thoughtful gifts are the best gifts since they are usually always from the heart! Also, they are less expensive, it has a more personal twist to it, and it’s really fun to exercise your creativity!

Do you guys also feel like this time of the year is when people come together? Everyone should feel the love, so do me a favor today, tomorrow and everyday afterwards, give someone you love a hug, send me hugs, just spread positivity, and lets turn someones day around!

So for the holidays I wanted to do something special. I opened up a P.O. Box so anyone can send me a letter. When I get back to NYC in January, I will be able to read them and guess what… I’m going to write back to all of you!! But make sure to have a return address so it doesn’t get lost in the mail!

Sanne Vloet
PO Box 230876
New York, NY 10023

So send some letters guys! I can’t wait to read anything you want to share with me, just remember let’s be respectful of one and other!

So if you liked the video please give it a big thumbs up, sending hugs to my notification squad and just so I know who you guys are, comment your favorite emoji! For those who haven’t joined us yet hit that subscribe button for more videos!



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