Happy Cube oleh kak Renita Novianti (Original Educational Toy)


Early childhood is an individual who is undergoing a process of development
with a rapid and fundamental. Early childhood education is the provision of efforts
to stimulate, guide and nurture and the provision of learning activities that will
produce children’s abilities and skills. One game that sharpes the ability of children’s
brains is to play Rubik. Playing rubik is fun. Apart from pure logic dexterity, we are
required to work hard to solve them. Especially if the Rubik itself is made more
interesting and rich in visualization for playgroup and kindergarten children,
surely they will be happier and be able to hone their imagination.

The benefits of the Happy Cube game tool are:
1. Introduce vocabulary from animals, plants (flowers), five senses (my body),
vegetables, transportation, and fruits.
2. Exercising children’s visual power and creativity
3. Learn to play logic
4. Improve analytical skills
5. Increase focus and concentration
6. Increase spatial awareness
7. Strengthens pattern recognition capabilities

This Happy Cube game tool is intended for children aged 4-6 years old.

Ideas : Kak Renita Novianti
Model : Kak Renita Novianti
Translator : Kak Nurani Widaningsih
Videographer & Editor : Kak Messa Mutia & Kak Han Han Muhammad Ridwan Nurcahya

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