Halloween DIY – Man Eating Plants – Custom Prop Build


Not all plants are destined to become salad. These custom Man Eating Plant props are Brussels Sprouts from Hell and ready to make a snack out of you! Certified organic. NO Water needed, only fresh Halloween DIY blood!

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We are huge fans of Little Shop of Horrors and also anything “Man Eating Plant” so when I heard Michaels Stores would have some “Large” Venus Fly Traps I couldn’t wait to see them! They looked amazing, but I was shocked after seeing MSRP of $200 per plant. In this video we build two awesome Man Eating Plants out of Foam Craft Pumpkins and supplies from Michaels for under $150. I knew we could make better versions of them for much less and they turned out amazing. They now guard the front door of our haunted home. This was such a fun project and we hope you find inspiration to create some Man Eating Plants of your own!

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Pumpkin Teeth:

Cosplay Foam Clay:

Wildfire UV Paint:

Michaels Foam Pumpkins:

Michaels Venus Fly Trap Decor:

Van Oaks Cemetery (Patina Tutorial):


0:00 Intro
0:58 Shaft, Base, Head Fabrication
5:07 Assembly, Vines, and Texture
6:09 Plant Painting
11:39 Vase Paint, Grassing
12:57 Blood
13:49 Prop Showcase
14:46 Normal Scene Close Ups
15:40 Spooky Scene Close Ups
17:01 Summary and Post Mortem
21:13 Bonus Footage