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Ingredients –
– 1 container or vial
– Castor Oil
– Sweet Almond Oil (or cooking Almond Oil)

First I’m going to fill my vial ¾ the way up with Castor Oil. Then I’ll fill the rest of my vial up with the sweet almond oil.

I’m going to close my vial and give it a good shake. Mix everything up, then using a clean cotton swab, I’m just going to dip it and then swipe it on my eyelashes.

I like to do this before I go to bed every night after I wash my face so that it really absorbs into my eyelashes. Do this for three weeks every night and you’ll notice a huge difference. Your lashes will be thicker and slightly longer too.

I challenge you to try this three week experiment and share your results with me! Tag me on instagram (@honeysucklecatering) and show me how long your lashes are. Subscribe for more Natural Beauty remedies and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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