Glitter foam sheet craft ideas. Heart diy. 3d Heart diy. Birthday decoration. Wall art. Home decor



New glitter foam sheet craft idea for wall art or wall decoration.

In this video, I will show you How to make 3d hearts with glitter foam sheets. Hearts – perfect decor for wall art, wall decoration, home decor, birthday decoration. You can also use paper or foam for 3d hearts.

Glitter foam sheet craft is great Birthday decoration ideas, home decor.

Heart is amazing idea for wall art.

glitter foam sheet craft ideas for home decor
birthday decoration

0:01 – how to make glitter foam sheet heart

0:03 – tools and materials for make glitter foam sheet craft ideas

0:29 – cut a heart out of glitter foam sheet

1:16 – I am preparing to assemble the cut heart pattern

2:39 – build glitter foam sheet heart

5:29 – idea – how to attach to a thread glitter foam sheet heart

5:37 – another idea – how to fix glitter foam sheet heart