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Gift Box | How to make a gift box | DIY Paper Crafts Idea | Christmas gift ideas


Gift Box | How to make a gift box | DIY Paper Crafts Idea | Christmas gift ideas: https://youtu.be/lUHFltYxqjs

Hey guys welcome to my channel. Today I am making a diy gift box. To make this diy i will use:
1. Paper
2. Scissors
3. Both sided tape
4. Pencil
5. Scale
That’s it we are good to go. To make this gift box you will have to follow a step by step process. At the first of the gift box making you will have to take a piece of paper and draw some lines according to a measurement. All the measurements are shown in the tutorial. And then cut it with the scissors. And then fold the paper and join the part of the paper with double sided tape. Now it is time to make the inner box. Do as like the first box. Take measurement as shown and then make a box and then put it in the middle of the first box using double sided tape. You can decorate it any way you want. I am decorating it with pearls and with a bow flower.
The value of your gift will be double if your gift box is nice. This tutorial about how to make a gift box will teach you making this beautiful diy gift box. Anyone can easily make this paper craft at any time. No prior preparation is required to make this.
This is a kids craft too. Kids also can easily make this gift box to gift it to their friends.
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