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Thinking about incorporating a country style theme with your modern décor? Try contemporary country art! This style showcases a perfect blend of the rural countryside feel with a clean cut modern design.

When decorating your modern country kitchen, you should include prints that are food – related. Take these chalkboard prints for example. Chalkboard prints are a classic way to draw in the old world country charm because they showcase a weathered look and feel.

To further extend your country themed home, use rustic colored prints. They feature a neutral color palette of brown, green and beige. Let’s take a look at this print “Lodge Signs”. It uses a simplistic design to showcase a duck in its natural habitat. It features muted colors like green and brown to create a washed out look and feel against wood. Combine your rustic colored prints with a natural colored frame to give it a modern touch.

Keep in mind there are no limits to your style and imagination. Mix and match the old with the new. Give your décor a fresh new spin with contemporary country art!

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