Five Nights at Freddy's 2 – Toy Chica and Cupcake [Tony Crynight]


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Guys, guys, guys… The time has come: here is the pilot for the second season! 😀
I’m SO curious about your opinions… The video is pretty short (as the first episode of the first season was), but I think it’s enough to have an idea of the general plot.
Of course there are going to be more characters in future episodes, as well as sub-plots (a romantic touch needs to be added, of course! UwU), and all the good stuff.
What do you think will happen next? Write all your thoughts in the comments, since I’m all excited to know what your impressions are!!

In this first episode we meet Toy Chica and the Cupcake, but something terrible is about to happen, as a bad prank goes wrong…
There are at least three references to the Stephen King universe… Why Stephen King? Because I’m falling in love with that man, I’m enjoying a lot of his stories! XD Can you spot all the references?

You’re more than 1’640’000 now… Guys, let’s face it, you’re an army! OwO Thank you so much for being here… I hope you’re going to enjoy all the new stuff that I will upload on my channel. Thank you, thanks a lot.. ^^
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Songs I used:
Absolute Lies – Lalo Brickman
Swoosh This – Johan Hynynen
Scary Trailer 3 (Sting) – Jon Bjork

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