First Day Of School: Hair, Makeup, and Outfit Ideas 2015!


Hey everyone! Today’s video is a Back To School Hair, Makeup, and Outfit video! I will be showing you a heatless hairstyle for school, a makeup look for school, and an outfit idea for school. CAN WE BEAT 250 LIKES? I love you and hope you enjoy 🙂

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In this video I share with you my Back To School hair, makeup, and outfit ideas. I got many requests to do a video with a makeup look, hairstyle, or outfits. I know you love heatless hairstyles, so the hairstyle in this video requires no heat. You can also alter to makeup look to suit your preferences. These hair, makeup, and outfit ideas are suitable for Middle School, High School, and College/University students. Don’t forget to leave me more video requests for my “Back To School” series in the comments below and share with friends 🙂

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1. What do you use to edit your videos? Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

2. How do you edit your thumbnails? I use 🙂

3. How old are you? I will be a junior in High School this coming school year. I don’t give away my exact age due to privacy reasons.

4. What camera do you use? I use the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 🙂

5. Why is your username “GlanzGuru”? What does it mean?
As written on my banner, the word “Glanz” is a German word that can be translated to gloss, radiance, glamour, etc… I thought that “GlanzGuru” would be an appropriate name for this channel. Yes, I have German heritage but I do not speak German.

6. Where do you live? I do live in the US, but I don’t give away the exact location (again due to privacy reasons.)

Thanks for watching! Xoxo, Alison ♥